Shree Antu - Where the sun rises

Antu Pokhari

Shree Antu, a beautiful place located in Ilam at a height of ~2300m. It's a hill station right at the border of Darjeeling (India). Shree Antu is the first place in Nepal where the sun's rays hits. This means this is the place from where beautiful Sunrise could be seen. Ilam is full of beautiful tea gardens and pine tree forests but Antu Danda specially offers spectacular views of the sunrise in the east, white crystal Himalayas including Mount Kanchanjunga in the north, the plain Terai landscape in the south, and admirable tea gardens in the west. 

Shree Antu Cottage

If you have 2-3 days to visit eastern Nepal, without a doubt this will be a good choice. You can see the beauty of nature on the way to Shree Antu. 

You can start a journey from Jhapa, to be specific - Charaali, in the public vehicle as well as a private vehicle. You can see beautiful Kutti Danda, Kanyamand Fikkal while traveling to Shree Antu. I am damn sure that you can't stop yourself admiring those tea gardens, that make Ilam wide famous.

Shree Antu Pokhari

After reaching Shree Antu, there is a lake that adds more glamour to the beauty of nature. You can even feed colorful fishes in the lake within the area. You can stay in a resort, restaurant, or homestay for a night and enjoy different programs held every night there. The next day every morning, you can hike for 30 mins or use a vehicle to reach Antu dada and enjoy the sunrise there. The first ray of sun, falling in Nepal. You won't regret the place choosing for your trip and spending the night there. 

Antu Tower Sunrise

After sunrise, you can spend more time visiting nearby places and enjoy the touch of real nature. You can go on your own or choose travel agencies, guides to take you there.


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